Sarkeses White House Source – LEAKER

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes Corner White House Source – LEAKER, recently called Sarkes, he was very upset

– Sarkes recorded the conversation and provides it here

Since day 1 of the Trump Presidency, Sarkes has had a source in the White House, LEAKER. LEAKER has provided Sarkes transcripts of the Orange Oracles Staff Meetings and other great information. LEAKER has provided Sarkes this information at great risk to his employment.

Phone Rings

Sarkes: Sarkes Corner, Sarkes Speaking.

LEAKER: Sarkes, this is LEAKER, we need to talk….

Sarkes: LEAKER!, I told you never call me on the Sarkes Corner Business Line. Who knows who is bugging this line; the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Secret Service, now call me back like we agreed.

A Different Phone Rings

LEAKER: (calling from his Burner Phone to Sarkeses Burner Phone). Thanks for taking my call Sarkes, I need your advice.

A Burner Phone Sarkes uses with Confidential Sources

Sarkes: LEAKER, you sound upset, whats wrong?

LEAKER: Sarkes, it’s crazy here in the White House. Since the Bob Woodward book and now the Unanimous New York Times Op Ed, President Trump has gone ballistic.

He is ranting and threatening to fire all of us, he is going to make us take a lie detector test by God! Trump is claiming that anyone who is caught Leaking will be charged with Treason!, Treason! What happened to the 1st Amendment?

The Orange Monarch will charge Leakers with Treason

Sarkes: LEAKER, did you write the New York Times Op Ed?

LEAKER: God no Sarkes, it was someone else.

Sarkes: How many Leakers are there in the White House?

LEAKER: Well, I don’t know them all, but it’s quite a few, dozens, maybe more. Sarkes, it’s getting unbearable here, I don’t know how long I can work under these conditions. Trump claims that he is a Stable Genius, in fact, he is an Unstable Moron. I really think he has a mental defect!

Sarkes: Now LEAKER, let me stop you there. Sarkes is a Truth Machine and Sarkes Corner is Fair and Balanced. Sarkes reports, Subscribers decide. Sarkes cannot publish unsubstantiated information. Is there a second source who can validate your charges that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect?

LEAKER: Well Sarkes, there are a few people, but we are all scared shitless, I don’t know if anyone would step up now, maybe after things cool down a bit.

Sarkes: Listen LEAKER, let’s assume that you have proof and another source that will validate that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect, America might not care.

LEAKER: That’s absurd Sarkes, what do you mean?

Sarkes: It’s simple math LEAKER. First, you have 35% of the Electorate who are Uneducated, Underemployed, Rural, White Folk, Trump’s Base. Trump can shoot someone point blank on 5th Avenue in New York and these people would still vote for him.

LEAKER: Yeah, that’s correct, Trump is right about that.

Sarkes: Then you have all of the Old, Rich, White Guys with Stock Portfolios. These people may believe that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a mental defect, but they don’t care, all they know is that their Portfolios have been growing exponentially under the Trump presidency. Truth be told LEAKER, Sarkes is one of these Old, Rich, White Guys with a Stock Portfolio.

LEAKER: I see what you mean Sarkes, that makes a lot of sense.

Sarkes: Then you have the African Americans. Like Trump said to the African American community…”Vote for me, what the Hell do you have to lose”. Kenya West, Diamond and Silk, and the Black Guy at Trump rallies have convinced that African American community that Trump is their savior. The African American community could care less that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a Mental Defect.

And most people think that Hispanics hate Trump for his actions on Immigration, but this is not all Hispanics. As an example, Cubans love Trump.

LEAKER: Sarkes, you sure have a grasp on the Big Picture don’t you.

Sarkes: Indeed LEAKER, no go back and get me solid evidence that Trump is an Unstable Moron and has a Mental Defect. And Sarkes will need several cooperating witnesses. Got it. And remember, only call Sarkes using the Burner phones.

LEAKER: Got it Sarkes, thank you.