Stormy Daniels Arrested at a Strip Club

Executive Summary:

– Stormy Daniels (Stormy D) was arrested while performing at a strip club

– Lawyer Michael Avenatti thinks Stormy D was set up

-The arrest came 1 day after Stormy D’s tell-all interview in Sarkes Corner

WARNING WARNING WARNING – this edition of Sarkes Corner contains Adult Content and Language that is not appropriate for readers under 17 years old and Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists. WARNING WARNING WARNING

Stormy Daniels was arrested while performing at the Sirens Gentlemen’s Club, a strip club, in Columbus, Ohio. Police say Stormy D touched patrons while performing onstage, which is a violation of Ohio state law. She was charged on three misdemeanor counts.

Detectives who were at the Sirens Gentlemen’s Club said they observed Daniels remove her top and force patrons’ faces into her ample bosom. The officers also observed Ms. Clifford fondling the breasts of female patrons.

Three detectives approached the stage. Daniels allegedly made her way toward two detectives, leaned over and grabbed their faces. She shoved each of their faces between her huge Ta Ta’s. She fondled a third officer’s buttocks and breasts and then forced the officer’s head between her Twin Peaks and then smacked the officer’s face with her huge melons. Whoa.

For those of you who have never been to a Strip Club, Stormy D’s actions are typical and business as usual for Strippers………or so Sarkes is told.

Stormy D’s arrest came 1 day after her revealing interview with Sarkes in Sarkes Corner, 1 day! In that interview, Stormy D provided graphic details of her sexual encounter with Donald Trump and described his Penis as Orange.

Stormy D’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti believes that Storm D’s arrest was a part of an elaborate sting operation. Avenatti claims that Trump is retaliating as Stormy D is suing Trump for defamation following comments he made after revelations of an alleged affair between the two went public.

Avenatti took to Twitter, declaring that Stormy D had been set up by police. “This was a setup & politically motivated,” Avenatti said. “It reeks of desperation. We will fight all bogus charges.”

Stormy D posted a $6,054 bail on Thursday and was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday morning, July 13, according to court records. But, the charges against Stormy D were subsequently dropped Thursday afternoon.

Sarkes was informed of Stormy D’s arrest and was able to call Stormy while she was still incarcerated in the Columbus, OH, hoosegow.

Sarkes: Stormy, I am so sorry if your interview in Sarkes Corner caused you to get arrested. The charges must have been bogus as you are going to get released soon. By the way, do I have your permission to tape this interview.

Stormy D: Yes Sarkes, it’s OK to tape this interview. Oh Sarkes, this is not your fault. My lawyer Michael Avenatti says that this is a gross violation of my 1st amendment rights to free speech and he will be suing “Don the Con” and the Secret Service .

Sarkes: By “Don the Con” I presume you are referring to Donald Trump?

Stormy D: Yes Sarkes, Michael says that if Donnie can give nicknames to his advisories like Crooked Hillary, Crazy Joe Biden, Low Energy Jeb, Ly’n James Comey, Hiawatha Warren, Al Frankenstein, etc he can call the President “Don the Con”

Sarkes: I see. Stormy, I understand that you will be released shorty and the charges will be dropped. What is your reaction?

Stormy D: Well Sarkes, the charges should be dropped. I DID NOT TOUCH ANYONES PECKERS in that Strip Club. You know that almost every square inch of that club is covered by surveillance cameras, so I can prove that I did not touch anyone’s Johnson.

Sarkes: Stormy, who do you think is responsible for your arrest.

Stormy D: Michael believes that the Secret Service, following orders given by Donnie, were responsible for my arrest.

Sarkes: For the record Stormy, when you say Donnie you are referring to President Trump.

Stormy D: Yes Sarkes, Donnie was my pet name for the President that weekend in Las Vegas. Sarkes, I believe that my description of Donnies Penis being Orange must have pushed Donnie over the edge. After all, he is a Counter Puncher.

Sarkes: Stormy, you know that President Trump is threatening to sue you about your allegation that his penis is small and Orange. Comment?

Stormy D: Sarkes, in our interview, I did not say that Donnie’s Penis is small, size is relative, but I did say that it was Orange. Michael says that he wants the President to sue me over this, as we have pictures that I took while Donnie was sleeping. Trust me, Donnies Pecker is Orange, yeah, it’s Orange. And Sarkes, if I ever release the proof that Donnie’s Pecker is Orange, it will be to Sarkes Corner.

Sarkes: Well thanks Stormy. Any final thoughts Stormy?

Stormy D: Well Sarkes, I may be a large breasted stripper, but I’m not stupid. The actions of Donnie and his henchmen smack of Nazi Germany. I had read in a history book that Adolph Hitler had a stripper jailed after she gave him a lap dance.

Sarkes: Ah, Stormy, I will need to validate your claim about Adolph Hitler and the Stripper. Thanks again for your time.

Billboard advertising Stony D’s appearance at the Siren Strip Club
Stormy D onstage at Sirens Strip Club
Stormy D heading to the Hoosegow in Columbus, OH