Climate Change Logically Explained

Executive Summary:

– One of the first Conservative principles Sarkes (a Recovering Liberal) embraced was that Climate Change is a hoax and a conspiracy spread by Self-Serving Scientists and Liberal Politicians.

– For the first time, the Climate Change Conspiracy, has been logically explained by GOP Alabama Conservative Representative Mo Brooks.

Sarkeses eyes have been opened as he makes the transition from an ignorant, Recovering Liberal, to a Great Trumpian Conservative. Sarkeses Florida neighbors have been coaching Sarkes as he travels the Orange Brick Road to become a Proud, Card Carrying Conservative. It’s as if Sarkeses has emerged from the dark, dense, Forrest of Liberalism and has emerged into the bright, sunny, open meadow of Conservatism.

But Sarkes digresses, back to the Climate Change hoax. For the first time, the Climate Change Conspiracy has been logically explained by Alabama Conservative Representative Mo Brooks.

Scientists say April 2018 marked the planet’s 400th consecutive month with above-average temperatures. At at a hearing held last week by the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, on how technology can be used to address climate change, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala offered an alternative reason for the rise in Sea Levels.

Mo Brooks is uniquely qualified to discuss Climate Change. Sarkeses new Man Mo graduated from Duke University with a double major in political science and economics. Mo Brooks is yet another example of why Conservatives are much higher up the Intelligence Food Chain than Ignorant Liberals. Mo does not let Science get in the way of a logical explanation on this Liberal hoax called Climate Change.

Mo Brooks explained that rising Ocean levels are the result of Rocks and Boulders falling into Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans. Mo claims that rising Ocean levels are really the result of natural Erosion.

Sarkes new Man Mo explains: ”Every single year that we’re on Earth, you have huge tons of silt deposited by the Mississippi River, by the Amazon River, by the Nile, by every major river system — and for that matter, creeks, all the way down to the smallest systems, and every time you have that soil or rock whatever that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise. Because now you’ve got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up.” 

Thanks Mo, finally an explanation that makes sense. Sarkes is now a firm believer that real Scientists get in the way of the Truth, and it takes a Street Smart, Common Sense, analysis, like that provided by Mo Brooks, to get to the Truth on Climate Change.

Sarkes warns the Subscribers of Sarkes Corner, every time you throw a rock into a river or skip a rock over a lake, YOU are contributing to Climate Change. So, STOP IT.

A Family Contributing to Rising Sea Levels
US Representative Mo Brooks, (R) Alabama and Climate Change Expert
Mo Brooks explaining Climate Change to the Orange Environmentalist
Mo Brooks doing Climate Change Research at Mir-A-Lago