A Different Kind of Gun Story

Executive Summary:

– St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Yadia Molina was injured when a 102 MPH Foul Tip smashed into his Boys

– The St. Louis Cardinals are taking action by buying Bullet Proof Cups

In a recent baseball game against the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinal Yadia Molina was behind home plate when a 102 mph fastball caromed off the bat and right into his Package. To protect his Gonads, Molina was wearing the standard issue Cups worn by all Major League Baseball catchers.

Molina eventually required surgery for hematoma and was placed on the Diabled List. Molina is expected to be out for 4 to 5 weeks. OUCH. Take it from Sarkes, Yadia Molina is one Tough Puerto Rican.

But a baseball catcher taking a shot to his Nuts does not make this story Sarkes Corner Worthy. Then what?

In an attempt to protect the Finacial investment in their catchers, the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals bought three ballistics-tested Testicles protectors—one for each of their catchers. Yup, you read that correctly. These new Cups can stop a speeding Bullet.

These Rock Protectors were manufactured by company “Armored Nutshellz,”, no, Sarkes does not make this stuff up.

Company CEO Jeremiah Raber felt so confident in his product, that he had someone shoot him in the balls with a gun. Wow, not that’s one way to demonstrate the quality of your product!! Who amongst us would demonstrate a new product we developed by taking a shot to the groin.

These Crown Jewel Protector cups were designed not only for athletes, but also law enforcement officials, and the military.

Alas, for the St. Louis Cardinals, these Bullet Proof Cups came to late for Yadia Molina.

See Yadia Molina in pain and the Inventor of the Bullet Proof Cup: