Roach Lays Eggs in Florida Man’s Ear

Executive Summary:

– Nope, Sarkes cannot make this stuff up
– Was Hillary Clinton behind this heinous act?

WARNING WARNING WARNING – This Sarkes Corner is not to be read by those with squeamish stomachs. Also, Old, Rich, White Folk who have people who clean their houses and can afford Orkin for Pest Control may believe that this is Fake News as they have never seen a Roach in their homes. WARNING WARNING WARNING

Sarkeses Florida Cracker neighbors never cease to amaze.

Normally, one would think of Roach infestation issues in the Black Ghettos or Brown Barrios of big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. This Roach story comes from the Gunshine State, Florida, in the capital city of Tallahassee, in a White neighborhood.

Florida Cracker Blake Collins has been fighting roaches in his apartment near the campus of Florida State University for 3 years.

Collins said that roaches can be found everywhere in his house, and some come out of his bulb sockets. A bowl with dog food shortly attracts dozens of German roaches. But last week, the pest problem reached its peak. Collins woke up at 5 a.m. to a roach moving inside his ear.

Collins told medical personnel: “A roach was burrowing inside of my head. I could hear his legs inside me. It felt like someone was shoving a Q-tip all the way inside my head and there was nothing I could do to stop it.”

Doctors used a syringe to put lidocaine, a numbing medication, inside his ear to kill the roach — which also had laid eggs. 

Collins went on to explain: “I heard the Roach die in my head. When the Doctor poured the lidocaine in, I could feel the Roach go super, super fast, kicking and try to dig its way out, and a faint little squeal and then two minutes later, it just stopped and he died.”

It is estimated that 92% of Registered Florida Cracker Voters voted for the Orange Good Ol Boy. It is also estimated that double the number of Registered Florida Crackers were not Registered to vote as they could not read or sign the Voter Registration application.

Understanding that Florida Crackers are an important part of his Base, the Golden Czar was incensed when informed about the Roach attack on Florida Crackers. He tweeted:

Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump – May 30 @ 4:56AM
Before election day, Crooked Hillary hired SPIES, SPIES, to infiltrate Florida with MILLIONS of German Euro Roaches, Euro Roaches! These Roaches were trained to attack my voters to help Crooked Hillary Win. DIDN”T WORK!!!! I won in a landslide, largest Presidential victory in History, History. We even found Roaches at Mir-a-Lago! SHAME. This is a scandal larger than Watergate. The Justice Department WILL investigate Crooked Hillary and that Illegal Obama for this heinous crime.

Being a Florida Cracker, there is a high probability that Cracker Collins packs Heat. Thankfully, Cracker Collins went to the Emergency Room before trying to eliminate the Roach with his Heat.

Roach Attack Victim Florida Cracker Blake Collin
The Euro Roach removed from Cracker Collins’ Ear
The Orange Exterminator checking for Euro Roaches at Mir-a-Lago

The US / North Korean Nuclear Summit

Executive Summary:

– The US / North Korean Nuclear Summit is On Again, Off Again

– But, the Orange Dotard and The Miget Rocket-man continue planning for the Nuclear Summit

Trust Sarkes on this, there WILL be a US / North Korean Nuclear Summit, despite all of the rhetoric by the Miget Rocket-man and the Golden ICBM. Preparations continue in earnest and behind the scenes.

The Miget Rocket-man, Kim Jung Un, is preparing for the Nuclear Summit having read and studied the Number 1 Best Selling Book of ALL TIME (according to the Orange Novelist) The Art of the Deal, and the recent expose Fire and Fury.

The Golden Gazebo is preparing for the Nuclear Summit by having nightly phone calls with his trusted advisor, Sean O’Hannity from Fox News Fair and Balanced. Truth be told, The Orange Bobblehead had asked Sarkes for advise on the Nuclear Summit. Sarkes has declined as he is focusing all of his diplomatic, Foreign Relation efforts on the current, ongoing Political Turmoil in Sarkeses ancestral homeland, The Republic of Armenia.

The Orange Emperor preparing for the Nuclear Summit with trusted Advisor Sean O’Hannity, Fox News Fair and Balanced
Kim Jung Un preparing for the Nuclear Summit, studying The Art of the Deal and Fire and Fury
The Golden Gestapo checking out his wardrobe for the Nuclear Summit, looking Good, Thumbs Up!
Artist rendition of the Opening Statements of the US North Korean / Nuclear Summit

Donate to the George Zimmerman Legal Fund

Executive Summary:

– George Zimmerman is $2.5 Million in debt
– In trouble with the Law, George tells the Court he needs a Public Defender
– Sarkes calls for the creation of a George Zimmerman Legal Fund

You know Sarkes, he can never get enough George Zimmerman. After a long drought, Sarkes Corner Hall of Famer George was back in the news a few weeks ago for repeatedly threatening and harassing Dennis Warren.

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributors, Sister Cindy Mamelian and friend George Taylor, for this update to George Zimmerman’s recent Tale of Woe.

We all know George Zimmerman in his hay day, George is / was:
– Killer of Skittles eating, Ice Tea drinking, Black youth
– Killer of Hoodie sales in Florida for years
– Beneficiary of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law
– Serial abuser of Women
– Guilty of Copyright Violations for his Fake Art
– Heat Packing, Poster Boy for the NRA
– A proud Red Hat “MAGA” part of the Orange Dotard’s Base

In his latest ordeal, our man Zimmerman is facing stalking accusations in his latest legal woes since his 2013 acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

A court recently allowed George Zimmerman to use a public defender in his alleged stalking case after he filed documents saying he’s $2.5 million in debt and has zero income. Zimmerman is accused of repeatedly threatening and harassing Dennis Warren between December 16 and December 25, 2017.

We all know the chances of a fair trial for George if he has a Public Defender. As the Orange Statistician would say “George has a 1000 percent chance of a guilty verdict with a Public Defender”.

Even though “Many People Say” that George was guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, his Crack Legal Team, Mark O’Mara and Don West, worked their magic and got a jury of Zimmerman’s Cracker Peers to find him not Guilty. Since George has never paid his legal fees from the Trayvon Martin trial, there is zero chance that Mark O’Mara and Don West will represent George again.

Early subscribers to Sarkes Corner know how much joy and entertainment provided by George Zimmerman. Now it’s time for Sarkes Corner Subscribers to help our Man George in his time of need.

Sarkes asks his loyal subscribers to ponder what the future of Sarkes Corner would be if George Zimmerman lands in the Hoosegow, which he will if he has a Public Defender.

As such, Sarkes is calling on the Wealthy Subscribers of Sarkes Corner to open up your Hearts and Wallets and send your contributions to the George Zimmerman Legal Fund. Donations, starting at $100, can be sent to Sarkes who will make sure that the George Zimmerman Legal Fund is established. All donations, after a small Management Fee for Sarkes, will go to hire great Lawyers to keep our man George Free.

Sarkes Hall of Famer George Zimmerman
George, Failed Artist, with one of his Fake Art pieces
The Legal Team that George Zimmerman stiffed

The Ozarks are the Safest Place to Live During the Apocalypse

Executive Summary:

– Remember Evangelist Jim Bakker, well he’s back in the News

– Bakker has identified the Missouri Ozarks as the place to be when the Apocalypse comes

Southwest Missouri is the epicenter of the Bible Belt. A drive down Interstate 44 finds south of Rolla, MO, finds dozens of Uuuuuuuge Mega Churches where the God Fearing citizens of Southwest Missouri go to praise our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

The “Ozarks” is another term used to describe Southwest Missouri and includes the famous Branson area, Table Rock Lake, and dozens of Evangelical Bible Colleges.

This Sarkes Corner is about the APOCALYPSE and the fact that the Ozarks are the best place to be when the Judgement Day comes. What is the Apocalypse? The Apocalypse is a great catastrophe that results in widespread destruction and the collapse of civilization. The Apocalypse is the end of the World.

Jim Bakker has declared that the Ozarks are safest place to live during the Apocalypse. You remember Jim Bakker. He is the Televangelist who is a serial adulteress. Bakker spent five years in prison (of a 45 year sentence) in 1989 after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy for bilking his Flock out of millions of dollars that he put to his own personal use.

Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist at that time were shocked that Jim Bakker paid Hush Money to his secretary, Jesica Hahn to keep silent his affair with her. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist also condemned Jim Bakker for his adultery for having sex outside his marriage with Tammy Faye Bakker (LaValley). Tammy Faye Bakker, a real beauty, spent no time giving Jim Bakker the Old Heave Ho. While Bakker was in prison, Tammy Faye divorced him and married Jim Bakker’s best friend.

Today, Jim Bakker is back in the game as a Televangelist to the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist community who apparently now believe that Adultery is NOT a sin and that paying Hush Money to fluzzies is OK. In that regards, Jim Bakker and the Orange Bird Dog are two peas in a Pod.

But the Jim Bakker of today is much more than a Skirt Chasing, Sniffing, Evangelical Televangelist. Jim Bakker also deals in Real Estate. Bakker is trying to sell condos and cabins at his Morningside development near Branson, MO.

To sweeten his sales pitch, Bakker claims that the Ozark mountains in southwest Missouri are the safest place to live when the Apocalypse comes. Not only will Bakker sell you an Apocalypse-safe Condo, but he also sells
water bottles with filters and buckets of preserved food that contains 273 servings of “warm and delicious comfort food” with a shelf life of 25 years. This is more than enough to get any God Fearing Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist thru the Apocalypse.

But wait, it gets better. Jim Bakker claims that NASA has confirmed that the Ozarks are the the safest place on earth to endure the Apocalypse. A spokeswoman for NASA said she was not familiar with any research from NASA that might fit with Bakker’s claim. Sarkes cannot make this stuff up.

There you have it. For the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Subscribers to Sarkes Corner, Sarkes encourages you to take a vacation in the Ozarks and look into Condos at Jim Bakker’s Morningside Development.

God Bless Jim Bakker, God Bless the deceased Tammy Faye Bakker, God Bless the good, God Fearing People of the Ozarks. Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and NASA, will keep you safe in the Ozarks during the Apocalypse.

Jim Bakker and Our Savior & Lord Jesus Christ
Tammy Faye Bakker
NASA will not confirm or deny that the Ozarks will survive the Apocalypse

Climate Change Logically Explained

Executive Summary:

– One of the first Conservative principles Sarkes (a Recovering Liberal) embraced was that Climate Change is a hoax and a conspiracy spread by Self-Serving Scientists and Liberal Politicians.

– For the first time, the Climate Change Conspiracy, has been logically explained by GOP Alabama Conservative Representative Mo Brooks.

Sarkeses eyes have been opened as he makes the transition from an ignorant, Recovering Liberal, to a Great Trumpian Conservative. Sarkeses Florida neighbors have been coaching Sarkes as he travels the Orange Brick Road to become a Proud, Card Carrying Conservative. It’s as if Sarkeses has emerged from the dark, dense, Forrest of Liberalism and has emerged into the bright, sunny, open meadow of Conservatism.

But Sarkes digresses, back to the Climate Change hoax. For the first time, the Climate Change Conspiracy has been logically explained by Alabama Conservative Representative Mo Brooks.

Scientists say April 2018 marked the planet’s 400th consecutive month with above-average temperatures. At at a hearing held last week by the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, on how technology can be used to address climate change, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala offered an alternative reason for the rise in Sea Levels.

Mo Brooks is uniquely qualified to discuss Climate Change. Sarkeses new Man Mo graduated from Duke University with a double major in political science and economics. Mo Brooks is yet another example of why Conservatives are much higher up the Intelligence Food Chain than Ignorant Liberals. Mo does not let Science get in the way of a logical explanation on this Liberal hoax called Climate Change.

Mo Brooks explained that rising Ocean levels are the result of Rocks and Boulders falling into Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans. Mo claims that rising Ocean levels are really the result of natural Erosion.

Sarkes new Man Mo explains: ”Every single year that we’re on Earth, you have huge tons of silt deposited by the Mississippi River, by the Amazon River, by the Nile, by every major river system — and for that matter, creeks, all the way down to the smallest systems, and every time you have that soil or rock whatever that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise. Because now you’ve got less space in those oceans because the bottom is moving up.” 

Thanks Mo, finally an explanation that makes sense. Sarkes is now a firm believer that real Scientists get in the way of the Truth, and it takes a Street Smart, Common Sense, analysis, like that provided by Mo Brooks, to get to the Truth on Climate Change.

Sarkes warns the Subscribers of Sarkes Corner, every time you throw a rock into a river or skip a rock over a lake, YOU are contributing to Climate Change. So, STOP IT.

A Family Contributing to Rising Sea Levels
US Representative Mo Brooks, (R) Alabama and Climate Change Expert
Mo Brooks explaining Climate Change to the Orange Environmentalist
Mo Brooks doing Climate Change Research at Mir-A-Lago

Donald Trump IS NOT a Liar

Executive Summary:

– “Many People Say” How do you know when Donald Trump is lying? ……….. His Lips are moving.

– Sarkes has proof positive that Donald Trump IS NOT a LIAR

The Washington Post has reported that the Orange Pinocchio has told over 3,000 lies since he has taken office. This is world class performance.

The constant lies spewed by the Golden Perjurer has fueled the Demon Dems to believe that they will win the 2018 Mid Term Elections. On the Right Side, the GOPs tell Sarkes to “not take Trump Literally, but take him Seriously”. The Right Wing Christian Fundamentals say that since they recently declassified Adultery as a Sin, lying is now a virtue.

In any case, the Orange Fibber has been labeled as a Serial Lier.

In a meeting this week, the Gold Fabler went on a rant against Illegal Immigrants, Mostly Mexican.

The Orange Fabricator used extraordinarily harsh rhetoric to renew his call for stronger immigration, calling Illegal Immigrants “Animals” and venting frustration at Mexican officials who he said “do nothing” to help the United States.

The Golden Liar Liar Pants on Fire stated: “We have people coming into the country or trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” Trump said.  “These aren’t People. These are ANIMALS.”

Sarkes has dispatched several Reporter / Photographer Teams to the Mexican Border to Fact Check the Orange Spinner of Yarns assertion that Illegal Immigrants aren’t People, rather, they are Animals. Lowly and Beholy, Sarkes has determined that DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A LIAR, and provides the evidence below:

Illegal Immigrants, mostly Mexicans, apprehended crossing into America:

Alejandro Cardenas caught in Nogales

Guadalupe Lopez caught in Mexicali

Pablo Martinez caught in Juarez

Pedro Gonzalez caught in Laredo
Juan Perez caught in Tijuana

There you have it, proof positive that Donald Trump IS NOT a LIAR.

Violence in Bonita Springs, FL

Executive Summary:

– A Bonita Springs man, upset over wife’s vacuuming, is charged for assault and battery after attacking Lee County Deputies

Subscribers to Sarkes Corner know that after Sarkes retired from Boeing, he moved to Bonita Springs, FL. Contrary to popular belief, Bonita Springs is NOT all Gated, Guarded, Golf Course communities populated by Old, Rich, White Folk. Bonita Springs DOES have a Heat Packing, Florida Cracker Community.

One such Bonita Springs Florida Cracker, Ashton Provost, who had just returned from a Rehab stint to solve his drinking problem, was DRUNK and passed out at his home. Obviously, Cracker Ashton must have flunked his Rehab Final Exam.

Cracker Ashton awoke when his Cracker Wife started to vacuum the house. It is a little know fact that NOT ALL Crackers are slobs that live in squalor (trash, empty beer cans, pizza boxes, etc), some Crackers, not many, maintain a clean home.

An argument followed with Cracker Ashton getting violent and throwing household items at his wife. Lee County Sheriffs Deputies were called. The Sheriffs Deputies subdued Cracker Ashton with a Taser after Cracker Ashton pointed a loaded rifle at the Sheriffs Deputies.

A Drunk, Heat Packing Cracker is a formula for disaster.

“Many People Say” Sarkes, are you in harms way living in Bontia Springs with a Cracker Community so close by? Sarkes wants to ensure his loyal subscribers that Sarkes is safe and clear of any Cracker violence. You see, Sarkes lives in one of the Gated, Guarded, Golf Course communities populated by Old, Rich, White Folk. Crackers NOT welcomed, Crackers NOT allowed.

NO shots fired, one Cracker Tased, order is restored in Bonita Springs.

From the Ft. Meyers News-Press:

Bonita Springs man, upset over wife’s vacuuming, charged for alleged assault, battery on deputies

A Bonita Springs man upset that his wife was vacuuming the home while he was trying to sleep was later tasered by Lee County sheriff’s deputies after he pointed a rifle at them.

Ashton C. Provost, 47, was charged with battery, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. He was released on $38,000 bond and will be arraigned May 29.

Deputies were called to a Delaware Street address for a domestic disturbance shortly after 9 p.m. Friday. A woman at the home identified as Provost’s wife told deputies that Provost was drunk, had just returned from rehab and attacked her.

A Lee County sheriff’s report said she told deputies that Provost pulled the vacuum cord out of the wall and told her to stop with the noise.

When the woman told Provost she was calling the sheriff he threw a barstool at her,  hitting her and smashing apart on the kitchen table, the report said.

When deputies approached Provost he fled into the home and exited again through the rear with a rifle, pointing the weapon at an officer armed with a taser.

The deputy shot Provost with the taser, forcing the man to drop the rifle, and then arrested him.

Bontia Springs Cracker Ashton Provost

Sarkes In The Swamp

Executive Summary:

– Sarkes is in the Swamp visiting Granddaughter Addison (Baby Adds)
– Sarkes had scheduled a meeting with the Orange Orator
– Sarkes introduces “Sarkes Street Speak”

Sarkes is in the Swamp, WDC, visiting granddaughter Addison (Baby Adds) Katz-Korkoian. While Baby Adds was born a Washington Nationals fan, her baseball roots are with the St. Louis Cardinals. See attached pic.

But Sarkes digresses, back on Point.

While in the Swamp, Sarkes contacted the Golden Gazebo to discuss the impact to Sarkes, and other Boeing retirees, as a result of the Orange Tabby’s removing the US out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the impending cancellation of the 20 BILLION, that’s BILLION with a B, order for Commercial jets.

The Golden Globe agreed to meet with Sarkes on Friday morning at the Trump International Hotel in downtown WDC. See attached pic. Alas, Sarkes received a call from Chief of Staff John Kelly with regrets that the Orange Tide had to cancel as he was running behind schedule and was on his way to Mar-a-Lago for another great weekend of Golf.

While standing in front of the Trump International Hotel, Sarkes decided not to waste a Golden opportunity. So standing outside the Trump International Hotel, Sarkes launched the inaugural edition of “Sarkes Street Speak”.

So what is “Sarkes Street Speak”? “Sarkes Street Speak” is like Jay Leno’s Jaywalking segment where Jay asks everyday people on the street questions that every American should be able to answer. “Many People Say” that Jay Leno’s Jaywalking is Fake News or at least they cherry picked the dumbest answers for Entertainment value.

This is not the case for “Sarkes Street Speak”. Sarkes is a Truth Machine. “Sarkes Street Speak” is presented, unedited, as-answered by the People on the streets of WDC.

“Sarkes Street Speak” – Outside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in WDC.

Sarkes asked: “What does the J. stand for in Donald J. Trump?”

The answers from the People:

Jennifer P. age 23, New York, NY: “I know, I know, it stands for JACKASS”

Ron K. age 42, Boston, MA: “Simple, it’s JERK”

Joyce M. age 18, Berkeley, CA: “Um, is it J – – KOFF?”

Bill K., age 55, Baltimore, MD: “JERK for sure”

Jeffry S. age 31, Philadelphia, PA: “JOCKSTRAP”

Shaniqua T. age 24, Harlem, NY: “How about JIVE ASS TURKEY”

Kristen L. age 34, Chicago, IL: “It’s JELLYBRAIN”

Donna C. age 49, Hartford, CT: “For sure, JABBERMOUTH”

Frank L. age 19, San Francisco, CA: “JAMUCK, no doubt about it”

Rich F. age 42, Seattle, WA: “I think it stands for JAFO”

Jim S. age 57, Detroit, MI: “JIGALO, take it to the bank”

Leroy F. age 26, Tulsa, OK: “I have no idea”

Cindy M. age 35, Dallas, TX: “Who is Donald J. Trump?”

Roy L. age 32, Macon, GA: “I don’t care, but he better leave my guns alone”

Eric P. age 45, Little Rock, AR: “Is it JEFFERSON like Clinton?”

There you have it, America has spoken.

Baby Adds in her Cardinal Outfit
Sarkes Outside the Trump International Hotel

A Different Kind of Gun Story

Executive Summary:

– St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Yadia Molina was injured when a 102 MPH Foul Tip smashed into his Boys

– The St. Louis Cardinals are taking action by buying Bullet Proof Cups

In a recent baseball game against the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinal Yadia Molina was behind home plate when a 102 mph fastball caromed off the bat and right into his Package. To protect his Gonads, Molina was wearing the standard issue Cups worn by all Major League Baseball catchers.

Molina eventually required surgery for hematoma and was placed on the Diabled List. Molina is expected to be out for 4 to 5 weeks. OUCH. Take it from Sarkes, Yadia Molina is one Tough Puerto Rican.

But a baseball catcher taking a shot to his Nuts does not make this story Sarkes Corner Worthy. Then what?

In an attempt to protect the Finacial investment in their catchers, the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals bought three ballistics-tested Testicles protectors—one for each of their catchers. Yup, you read that correctly. These new Cups can stop a speeding Bullet.

These Rock Protectors were manufactured by company “Armored Nutshellz,”, no, Sarkes does not make this stuff up.

Company CEO Jeremiah Raber felt so confident in his product, that he had someone shoot him in the balls with a gun. Wow, not that’s one way to demonstrate the quality of your product!! Who amongst us would demonstrate a new product we developed by taking a shot to the groin.

These Crown Jewel Protector cups were designed not only for athletes, but also law enforcement officials, and the military.

Alas, for the St. Louis Cardinals, these Bullet Proof Cups came to late for Yadia Molina.

See Yadia Molina in pain and the Inventor of the Bullet Proof Cup:

A Victim of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Executive Summary:

– On Tuesday, May 8, the Orange Dotard pulled the United States out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

– Sarkes could be a victim.

Thanks to Sarkes Corner Contributor and St. Louis friend Betty Wucher for this devastating story out of St. Louis, MO.

Subscribers to Sarkes Corner know that Sarkes retired from Boeing. And while The Goldilocks has viciously attacked Boeing over the years, Sarkes has maintained a Fair and Balanced, Unbiased, position when reporting on stories affecting Boeing.

Boeing is:
– the largest Aerospace Company in the WORLD
– the number 1 exporter, by dollars, of goods out of the United States
– a firm with Uuuuuuuge Engineering Intellect and Acumen and Strong Leadership like Sarkes
– has Plants and Suppliers in ALL 50 United States

One would think that the Orange Zest would do anything and everything to protect a fine firm like Boeing that contributes so much to the American Economy.

But Noooooooooooo. On Tuesday, May 8, the Golden Arches pulled the United States out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. In doing so, Boeing could lose $20 BILLION, thats BILLION, in Commercial Aircraft sales to 2 Iranian airline companies.

Boeing’s loss will be Airbuses gain. You know Airbus, that European Consortium that produces Commercial aircraft that are subsidized by the European Union. Airbus does not need to be efficient or be accountable to Shareholders, they need only to pump out airplanes that are paid for by European Governments. But Sarkes digresses, back on Point.

“Many People Say” Sarkes, could there be anymore victims from the US pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Sarkes says – “You betcha”. Sarkes could be a victim.

With the lost 20 BILLION dollars in sales of Commercial aircraft to Iran, Sarkes could be a victim. At risk is Sarkeses Pension and Sarkeses Portfolio. Could Sarkes and Chris be one step away from the Poor House?

But Sarkeses losses do not end with Sarkes and Chris. As you know, Sarkes Corner is a Free Publication for the masses. Sarkes bears all Production Costs and payroll expenses for the Sarkes Corner Staff. The may end soon. Sarkes may be forced to start charging a Subscription Fee for Sarkes Corner. This is REVERSE TRICKLE DOWN.

If that happens, you can blame the Orange Julius, Sarkes can only do so much.

From CNBC:

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday he will withdraw the U.S. from a nuclear pact with Iran , a move that threatens Boeing’s multibillion-dollar deals to help restock the aging Iranian commercial air fleet. 

The world’s largest aerospace company has agreements to supply Iranian airlines with planes worth roughly $20 billion, based on list prices.

Shares of Boeing were down 0.3 percent in afternoon trading.

In 2016, when it announced the Iran Air deal, Boeing said such an order would support 100,000 U.S. jobs.