Sarkes Back on the Grid

Executive Summary:

  • Sarkes and staff are back from an Excellent vacation to cities in Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.  

Sarkes and staff are back from our Croatia vacation with side trips to Bosnia and Slovenia.  Sarkes Corner has it’s first European subscriber, Tour Guide Marina.  It’s just a matter of time until Sarkes Corner will be spreading the Truth across the entire European Union. 

Sarkes, a benevolent employer, has given the Sarkes Corner Staff the rest of this week off.  With no Sarkes Corner worthy stories ready for Publication, Sarkes will pass on a Poem sent to Sarkes while he was in Croatia.

The author of the Poem wished to remain anonymous. 

Ode to Stormy Daniels

by:  Anonymous

This is the story of Porn Actress and Stripper Stormy D

Who, in 2006, had sex with the Orange Grabber of P


Details of this adulteress affair is just now hitting the press

The Gold Bird Dog liked the way Stormy filled out her dress



Fake News! cried the Orange Sniffer, oh who do we believe


130 Large paid to Stormy by Scheister Michel Cohen

The Gold Lothario had no idea the cash was a flowin


Stormy slapped the Orange Skirt Chaser on the Ass

Time Magazine, Trump on the cover, an issue from the past


When asked about the size of the Golden Gigolo’s member

Stormy shrugged, Orange was its color, that’s all I remember


Don’t blame the Orange Adulterer, this is so far in the past

3 wives and a yearning Johnson, his marriages don’ t last


Evangelists endorse the Gold Don Juan, they continue to give

Adultery no longer a sin, our Savior and Lord Jesus forgives


Will this story, exaggerated by the Liberal Press, affect the Orange Crown

Not at all, after all, the only thing that’s important is TRICKLE DOWN


Many victims of this story, Stormy, the Golden Stud, and more

The real victims are the citizens of America, disgusted to the Core


Sarkes thanks Anonymous for backing up Sarkes